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By Dale Spencer, @DaleSpencerwork

YouTube is a strange and magical place where the talented can showcase their amazing skills such as putting on their pants with no hands. No really. There’s actually a video of a guy using his lower body to put on a pair of pants. Crazy, I know! See him in action below: 

Of course some of these vid crazes drive people nuts. See below:

YouTube Complaints 2014!

Do you agree with these complaints? Hahaha… My favorite one is the “Let It Go” and the “Royals” song remakes. 


YA Authors on YouTube
One of my favorite YouTube channels is YA author, John Green’s Mental Floss. I’m a huge fan of this one. Random interesting facts always spike my interest. Sometimes John Green even discusses other books he enjoys reading, too. Here’s an example vid of his awesomeness starring himself:

39 Facts About Comedy — Mental Floss on YouTube


Although John Green has had huge success with getting millions of views on YouTube, most authors usually average in the thousands where many are not as widely known. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t amazing, too. Below there’s a skit of YA authors reading bad reviews about their books on Amazon. It kind of reminds me of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets vids.

YA Authors Read Snarky Reviews


The other three vids below are from various YA authors who are using YouTube as a way to reach other writers and their readers. If you are a fan of YA or are a YA writer, I strongly recommend watching their videos.


1. YA Author Elisa Ludwig on Coin Heist

Elisa Ludwig talks about her writing process and the movies that influence her work. Imagine The Breakfast Club meets Ocean’s Eleven. Her new YA contemporary novel, Coin Heist, was released on June 10, 2014.


2. Author Lindsay Cumming’s Behind the Scenes—The Murder Complex

Looking for a new fast-paced futuristic thriller? Look no further! One Amazon reviewer described Lindsay Cumming’s book, The Murder Complex  as “an action packed dark story with tons of twists!” Just like Coin Heist, it was released on June 10, 2014.


3. Book Expo America 2014: Interview with Amalie Howard, YA Author

Are you a fan of the supernatural—fantasy books about vampires and mermaids? If so, you may enjoy reading Amalie Howard’s novels. She’s an author of many books—four of her new ones will be released this year! The vid shows her talking about her Waterfell sequel, Oceanborn. She says, “Think underwater dragons…[as well as] big alien species.” For more info on all her fantasy books, check out her Amazon page here.


If you know of any other great YA author YouTube vids, do let me know. I like to share these sorts of things. What’s your favorite YouTube YA author vid?

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