Worldwide Horrors

By Dale Spencer, @DaleSpencerwork

I’ve just recovered from months of a pneumonia hardship, making it my worst horror for 2014. Now that I’m fully recovered, I’ve been thinking about worldwide horrors—the things lurking at night, haunting children’s dreams—the monsters. The most helpful monster listings (covered on many sites) I’ve provided for you monster enthusiast and/or writers searching for some horror inspiration.




Worldwide Monster Listings: Great lists for satisfying your monster wish-list cravings! Some of these sites (such as Listverse and John Green’s Mental Floss) contain multiple articles on various countries. Hopefully, some ought to spike your interest whether for research or fun.

Monsters from Specific Countries: (Antarctica not included; see Mental Floss search list above). Besides the generic worldwide listings, here are some good ones to browse over from individual places.

My 3 Favorite Monsters: The Creepiest Ones

1. AP/Krasue (Cambodia/Thailand origin) – A creepy looking witch that feeds on gross stuff like flesh and blood.

2. Tiyanak (Filipino origin) – A.K.A. evil baby with sharp teeth that likes to trick and eat people.

3. Giwakwa (Native American origin) – Ice cannibal giant (A.K.A. a larger version of the White Walkers from #GOT). 

If you search through several of these listings, I’m sure you’ll eventually notice that most of these monsters resemble other monsters from around the world. For instance, creatures similar to boogeymen, vampires, and vengeful spirits are mentioned repetitively in most places.

Which monsters terrify you? Do you know of any good websites that list monsters not mentioned above? If so, do share.

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