First Half of 2014: Young Audience Book Deals that are Published


By Dale Spencer, @DaleSpencerwork

I’ve been keeping track of daily book deals for Children to New Adult (NA) on Publisher’s Marketplace. The children’s category consists of the breakdown of three separate categories: Children (under age 8), Middle Grade (MG) ages 8-12, and Young Adult (YA) ages 13-17. The results are quite interesting. Which category do you think had the most book deals with publishers for the first half of 2014? 

Check out the results…

Pie Chart on Book Deals for the First Half of 2014

Pie chart on book deals for the first half of 2014 

As you can see, the YA category was by far the most popular category with 280 (or 37%) book deals. In second place is Children (or under 8) with 254 (or 34%) book deals followed by MG with 166 (or 22%) book deals. Last place was NA with a total of 49 (or 7%) book deals. Note that some of the book deals include the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada (CAN). If you would like to see the data I collected, just contact me or leave a comment.

I will do another blog post about the genre breakdown for these novel categories later. Stay tuned…

What do you think the trend for the second half of 2014 will be? Could MG beat YA? We’ll see…

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