Being Divergent Rules!

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By Dale Spencer, @DaleSpencerwork

Being divergent rules! The YA dystopian film, Divergent, just came out last weekend. After reading the books in the series and watching the movie, I found myself reflecting on all of those crazy personality tests. If you’re more into searching the stars for answers, try this astrology site, Then again, there are always the fun ones from BuzzFeed such as Which “Hunger Games” Character Are You?. Or Which “Game Of Thrones” Character Are You? My results were Haymitch and the dragon tamer. Funny. I know. To entertain you more, I wanted to share three well-known tests.

1. Brigg’s Myers Test.
Great test for distinguishing introverts vs. extroverts, sensors vs. intuitive types, thinkers vs. feelers, and judgers vs. perceivers. Unlike Divergent’s five factions, it’s broken down into sixteen different personality types. My answers came out ESTP. What’s your test result?

2. Merrill-Reid Social Styles Test.
Includes four different personality types: Amiable, Analytical, Driver, and Expressive. Tris would be proud. I’m big time divergent here. My results were strong in three categories. How about you? Click here for a percentage results version.

3. Color Code Test.
It was my favorite personality test as a child. Like the Merrill-Reid Test it’s broken down into four different color categories consisting of red (power), blue (intimacy), white (peace), and yellow (fun). This one is fun for all ages. As a kid, I got the color red and my results are still red today. Which color are you?

I’m sure you’re wondering why these tests fascinate me. Why would any of them interest anyone at all? For starters, these tests are supposed to help you understand why people do what they do. As a writer, I like to use them to help me create different characters. They’re definitely useful for trying to understand friends, fam, peers, co-workers, and fictional characters. But, in reality, can we truly place everyone into a category? Probably not. My point is we’re all divergent—none of us can be completely defined by a single personality type.

What are your thoughts on the subject matter?

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